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Racehorse Breeding

This month’s headliner features a video analysis on sire sensation, Medaglia d’Oro. Join us as we explore his pedigree, Perfect Match, and outstanding runners. With the assistance of Numerical Nicks you can clearly see where his speed source originated, plus the strength of combined female families.

how Sire to sire match originates

Ever wonder why Medaglia d’Oro matches so well with Forty Niner? Here you can see exactly where affinities begin and learn how to find positive nicks on your own.  Learn which positive nicks are current, find techniques to implement in your breeding program, get useful info for yearling purchases. Decades of research delivered in video presentation. Request a video on a specific sire prospect and see how to select a future top sire.                 

Watch our videos and share the excitement, passion and expertise relating to racehorse breeding, positive nicks and perfect matches that are winning today’s races. 

Video Analysis

We  now offer pedigree analysis in video format. Let us know a horse of your choosing so we can create analysis script, generate pedigree reports, and run genetics reports. Your video will be informative, insightful and a token of pride in knowing more about your horse.  Join others who’ve been pleasantly delighted with video analysis.