Growing up not too far from Hollywood Park racetrack in the mid 80s was sort of a providence to sidestepped pitfalls and vulnerable vices of the inner city. The track of Lakes and Flowers was more than a beautiful oval of horse-power, it was also a place that inspired reading and fostered lust of life-long learning to grasp everything about Thoroughbred racehorse lineage. A bust of Swaps was stoic reminder of greatness and one of the first champion’s endowment committed to memory. Personal hand written entries of famous racehorse heritage were cataloged in lined-paper note books stacked like photo albums of a bygone era.  In retrospect, decades later, those ancient notes were burning embers that stirred a young mind blazing with passion. They were precursor to traditional education that lead to a degree in Computer Science and eventually a computerized database responsible for this website on racehorse breeding.  There is a calm sense of pride in finding nondescript champions with dull pedigrees and sharp angles hidden in plain sight.  Runners similar to Melair, Snow Chief, Brave Raj, Very Subtle, Bonecrusher and of course California Chrome comes to mind. While the past was a success story, our path to the future seems brightly lit for all to follow. Our continued advancement and commitment to stay the course is testament to confidence we have in our people and resources. Shared wisdom and belief from lessons acquired the last 35 years guide our conscience.  Our journey has traversed this globe reaching major racing venues to test principles and compare speed qualities in North America, the Caribbean, Europe and South America.  A firm belief that success in racing requires speed whether contesting 2 furlongs or 2 miles. To harness speed is the specific target but not the end goal as we continue to develop applications that illuminate lineage buzzing with higher levels of speed.  All this brings an added assurance and courage as we offer advice to clients and competitors alike.  Access to unique reports generated from proprietary breeding applications makes us fully qualified to serve your needs.  Thanks for your continued support. 

founder of pedigreeID

Herman Lammey - pedigree researcher, software developer, writer of breeding articles


Our mission is to identify  quality in the thoroughbred racehorse breed. Once identified our goal is to harness such information and provide to clients in an accurate, honest, up-to-date manner with total transparency.  


We look towards the immediate future with a  vision of purpose that is both compassionate and  honest. To approach all endeavors with a clear perspective anchored by integrity in either calm or tempest conditions. All our business ventures will adhere to this vision.