As we continue to provide quality breeding reports and pedigree analysis in video format, we have been able to expand services in other racing venues. Our video reports, provide advice and consultations that are now assisting breeders and race fans in the Caribbean, Europe and South America.   


Success in racing requires quality speed and while our video reports identify these and other traits, we have had moderate success with our Sire Reports selecting top performing sires.  Our most cherished accomplishment comes from identifying viable patterns in mares who were ordinary runners or non-winners. This helped us create race day reports for racing fans who use our speed match to select winners well above 40%.  These unique reports are generated from proprietary breeding applications built with robust computing software to adequately serve your needs.  Thanks for your continued support.

Herman lammey

pedigree analyst, software developer, writer, founded pedigreeID 2006


Our mission is to identify quality in the thoroughbred racehorse breed. Once identified, our goal is to provide clients accurate, honest, up-to-date reports with total transparency.  


We look towards the immediate future with a vision of purpose that is both compassionate and honest. To approach all endeavors with a clear perspective anchored by integrity in either calm or tempest conditions. All our business ventures will adhere to this vision.