Most who follow breeding or invest in bloodstock memorize a sire line five generations deep with remarkable precision yet scurry through catalog pages to reference first two dams. Aside from public recognition, broodmares have always been important components in creating championship racehorses.  Similar to sires, broodmares effectively pass on speed, stamina and conformational traits. Broodmares also share favorable matches, nicks and perfections with other broodmares in a pedigree.  That’s right there are female-to-female matches that are effective and pedigreeID is the only breeding analysis system tracking their values.



Our reports analyze and evaluate pedigree of any runner, sire or dam within a four chart generation profile. We create reliable mating tables enhanced with female-to-female matches, ranking values and written analysis. Users are encouraged to request hypothetical reports or test results on multiple sire selections for the best match of speed, class or stamina in their mares. Whether breeding to race or for market, our pedigree analysis system generates pedigree reports for sires, mares and runners.

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