How do I access reports?

  • Click on link next to desired item you wish to purchase on reports page.
  • Some reports require a submitted order form 48 hours prior to processed.

How do I use Race Report selections to bet on a race?

  • WIN bet the three top choices
  • EXACTA box three top choices
  • TRIFECTA box three top above three top choices and three bottom choices

Why am I unable to find a horse in the system?

  • Previous system hosted user accessible database. Newly improved system with enhanced security features insulates that feature .

What is the meaning of the different colors on pedigree profile?

  • RED – sprint or miler’s speed trait
  • GREEN – classic two turn trait
  • BLUE – exceptional broodmare sire trait
  • ORANGE – key ancestor that bolsters pedigree

What does the bar graph numbers represent?

  • differences between competitive traits
  • shows which inherited trait dominates
  • predicts area of proficiency or strength of what the horse is good at
  •  runners numbers are based on 200 being ideal target value for speed and class
  •  sires numbers are based on a limitless ceiling

How secure is my personal information?

  • as outlined in Privacy Policy we do not share data with third parties
  • we use robust security protocols to maintain system wide integrity

What are the costs associated with using pedigreeID?

  • our reports provide significant value in informationand level of accuracy provided
  • see pricing structure on Reports page.

What is the purpose of hypothetical mating report?

  • to see what inherited features and values a specific sire and dam would create

What are the best number values or ideal chart a horse can have?

  • SPEED closest to 200 for sprinters on a fast track
  • LEFT/RIGHT BALANCE of 200 on both sides (200,200)
  • RED color-codes on every ancestor in pedigree chart
  • The above scenario represents an exceptional sire

What sires did pedigreeID system identify in the past?

  • In 2008 we informed guests at CTFMA presentation that Candy Ride will be next super-sire
  • In 2013 we recommended a client to send his mare to Maclean’s Music in 2014
  • In 2016 we recommended a client to invest in Bayern
  • In 2017 we published Future Top Ten Sires List whose 1st crops are runners in 2018