We are all aware of the economic impact sires exert on the Thoroughbred Industry. A consistent leading sire inevitably becomes an iconic symbol for racing. Here is one of many methods to single out a sire – view the Medaglia d’Oro video analysis and see the value of matched Speed Codes.

three mares


Broodmares consistently prove they are the true transport and corner-stone of racehorse genetics. Running style, coloration, speed and class are all derivatives from the collection of ancestors in their bloodlines. It’s true of all mammals, that genetic gift flows via female lines and value of mare-to-mare match are  just as effective as sire-to-sire match.  


Active runners are just as important as sires and broodmares. They need analysis also, which makes the Runner’s Report a valuable tool for all interested in racing – breeders, buyers and bettors. With this report you can compare speed values, contrast stamina deficits, and see variances in class levels. All this is based exclusively on pedigree.


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  • pedigree chart with Perfectly Matched color coded ancestors
  • pedigree chart with Self Matched color coded ancestors 
  • list of champions or notable winners with similar positive match
  • race reports show top 3 runners whose pedigree fits race type – no video
  • play WIN bet on top 3 choices
  • play EXACTA bet on top 3 choices
  • play TRIFECTA bet on top 3 choices
  • RED is ancestor with at least one form of sprint speed trait
  • GREEN is ancestor with classic two turn and exceptional grass trait
  • BLUE is ancestor with exceptional broodmare siring trait
  • GOLD is key ancestor with Self Matched in the pedigree
  • PURPLE is key ancestor with maximized benefit to subject
  • multiple PURPLE in a pedigree increase chances of Gr success 
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