Sire Selection

Sire selection criteria for choosing a top sire is outlined below with aid of charts and graphs. Since Red codes represents speed, it is highly imperative.

Sample pedigree profile of Dubawi.

Dubawi Color-coded pedigree profile

  • Proximity of red color-codes at positions next to or on Subject
  • Red color-codes in abundance, in this case 14 of 31 sire’s chart
  • From strong female line, in this case (9-e) descendants include:
    • Cyllene
    • Fair Play
    • Zafonic
    • Lomitas
    • In The Wings
  • Positional alignment of Shareef Dancer + High Tern in same column
  • Positional alignment of Con Game + Slightly Dangerous in same column
  • Favorable Values/Ranking

Sires are ranked based on proximity of color codes to the subject position; strength of female family;  multiple ancestors with double A (AA) ratings; female nicking; balanced output of ranking on left and right.

The bar graph below displays European sire, Dubawi and highlights very good grass speed.

High value of Speed, Class and Grass denotes good siring capability.